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*After being called cassius clay at the weigh ins.*

"My name is Muhammad Ali and you will announce it right there in the center of that ring after the fight, if you don’t do it now. I will punish you!"

Ali bloodied Terrell and almost knocked him out in the eighth round, Ali taunted Terrell throughout the match hitting him with sharp jabs and shouting between punches,What’s my name?” ”What’s my name?” “Say It!” Terrell couldn’t defend himself anymore. All he could do was put his gloves up to his face, both eyes were cut, his left eye was completely closed by the end of the eighth round. The right eye was closing. But The fight still lasted 15 rounds.You know why it lasted 15 rounds? That’s how long  Ali wanted it to last. He wanted to punish terrell. He wanted to tell the world what his name was.

In the 12th round Terrell finally said Muhammad Ali.





Ferguson -2014

I blinked one day and when I opened my eyes, it was normal to have an American army battling Americans on American streets. No one even calls it a war. But it is.

Don’t forget this crazy shit actually happened.

Don’t forget this shit is STILL happening


I’m always fascinated in seeing this type of creativity. It’s like how did they even begin to think of something this dope. Blows my mind.

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Ugandan baby being weighed for the first time at the hospital

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Here’s to 1,000+ singing happy birthday. Aa good representation of the cake sequence.

The day was big, period. Congrats y’all, happy birthday again big homie.

The stussy x soulection collab in-store & after party fell on co-founder andrepower ‘s birthday.

I found a few of the soulection women (Jacqui, PR & Eden, Power’s fiance & artist) backstage prepping a birthday cake by flashlight app, they were all so excited to celebrate with one another.

It reflects in the shots.